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We can bundle your home and auto insurance so you receive multiple policy discounts on both policies

We provide flood insurance whether your lending institution is requiring this policy or you just want the piece of mind. The dwelling can be insured as well as the contents.

Common Endorsements:

Sinkhole Collapse Coverage

is the actual physical damage arising out of, or caused by sudden settlement or collapse of the earth supporting such property and only when such settlement or collapse results from subterranean voids created by the action of water on limestone or similar rock formations.

Identity Theft Coverage

is an endorsement to cover expenses incurred by the insured as a result of the fraudulent use of the insured’s identity by a third party.

Waterback up and Sump Discharge Or Overflow

Financial Services:

Our agency portfolio also includes financial services such as Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care insurance.

Life Insurance is an essential part of your protection package which is usually overlooked. Are you buying a home with a higher mortgage than you presently have? Are you having another child? Did you purchase an additional automobile or an investment property? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need more life insurance!

Remember, life insurance is designed to protect the survivors, the people you love and want to take care of. It is to ensure that they can maintain the same lifestyle they are accustomed to. Don’t leave them with debt. Make sure there will be enough money to send your children to college if this is a family goal.

We represent many financially sound companies and can customize a plan for you and your family. Our rates are competitive.

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